Nabanga Kristin Skul (=Christian School in Bislama language)


July 2017-- Here is an update from Maxine, director of the teacher training program:

During December 2016 and January 2017, while the kindy was closed for the summer holidays, construction began on the classroom for years 1 & 2 of the primary level. The workmen were able to get it to a lockable stage before the new school year started for the kindy in February 2017. While work continues slowly on the construction of it, we are still in search of a trained teacher to come over as a volunteer to provide on the job training for a local teacher of this classroom.

The kindy began its school year with its highest enrolment number to date, with 26 children. Because of this, we have retained our third teacher, Noeline Kimson, to work alongside Losselinie Enock and Rachel Tafau for as long as the need remains. Nabanga Christian Kindy continues to have a positive effect on the children’s character development and educational learning with various reports coming in from kindy parents throughout this year so far. We even continue to hear positive reports from families whose children previously attended this kindy but have moved onto primary school, where their children are achieving well in those levels.

Nabanga Christian Kindy is now nearing the end of term 2. During the next two weeks it will be hosting and facilitating music workshops, open to any of Luganville’s kindy teachers that want to attend. Maxine will be supporting a young lady, visiting from the USA, who will be leading these workshops.

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