Meet the Teachers-in-Training

Losselinie (center in photo below) is one of two main teachers for Nabanga Christian Kindergarten. She is from the island of Malekula and was born in 1964. Losselinie grew up in the S.D.A church and spent many years on Malekula before moving to Santo around 1998. She has been married for about 27 years and has 3 grown up children. Losselinie has not only been a wife and mother, but also a primary teacher for about 9 years. Now she is a kindergarten teacher at Nabanga Christian Kindy, having taught there for 5 years now.

In addition to Maxine’s training program at Nabanga, she has taken some early childhood education courses during those years, and continues to take part in whatever appropriate teacher training opportunities arise, either through Up & Up Ministries or the local education department. Losselinie continues to be a stabailzing factor in the kindy environment for the children.


Rachel (left) is from the island of Nguna, North Efate, but was born and raised on Santo Island. She was born in 1975 and comes from a Presbyterian Church background. Rachel has been married for 15 years and has two children, aged 14 and 10.

Rachel started her teaching career in 1998/2008 where she taught in a kindergarten and remained working there until this year, 2016, when she came to join the teaching team at Nabanga Christian Kindy as our second teacher. She has received some basic early childhood education training through the local Provincial Education Department, as well as through an Australian education provider based in Port Vila.

Rachel’s skills and personality have complemented the current teaching team well, bringing artistic talents and new ideas into the environment.


Noeline (right) is from Malekula Island and came to Santo Island to study at secondary school. She has remained here since, living with some of her family that are here. Noeline was born in 1976, is single and is from an SDA Church background.

Noeline has had a few different career experiences during the past years, including being an assistant teacher at a primary school, starting her own kindy on Aore Island, and being a house-keeper for someone. Noeline started her formal training in early childhood education in 2013 through the local Provincial Education Department, completing all the levels they currently offer.

Noeline became employed by Nabanga Christian Kindy in 2015 as a relief teacher and in 2016 she has been employed as a third teacher on a termly basis. She is receiving ongoing teacher training through this school, and is an important member of the team. Noeline brings a quietness to her approach to teaching which balances the skills and personalities of the other teachers.

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